Approximately 410 kms, 6  hours ride time plus Lunch and breaks.
This route starts and Finishes at Freedom H-D Ottawa.
All roads are paved, many are secondary.



  • This a longer variation of the Sharbot Lake Ride.Fair warning: This ride is accurately named. If you prefer the long straight stretches, there are very few on this route.
  • Route Starts and Finishes at Freedom H-D Ottawa.
  • The route follows back roads to Almonte, then continues to zigzag along the full length of S. Lavant road, HWYs 509, 506 and 41 into Kaladar.  It  then follows back roads through Westport and Smiths Falls into Ottawa/Nepean, finishing at Freedom H-D.


Tricky spots and need to know:

  1. Lavant Road – if you are in a Group, please ride Single File along this road.
  2. It is full of quick curves and small hills and can have sand/gravel on the shoulders.
  3. Please keep your speed at the posted limit.
  4. Be aware there is a sharp RIGHT turn and Left bend around Robertson Lake, watch for this.Crow Lake Road
  5. This road can be rough, please keep your speed appropriate.

Old Kingston Road – Watch for this LEFT turn off of the highway, it comes up quick and if your speed is too fast, you may miss it.
The road is is always kept in good condition but is narrow, please ride single file if you are in a group and watch for sand on the shoulder.


Gas Stops:

  • in Almonte just after the traffic circle. There is also a large hardware store with plenty of parking lot to re-form the group.
  • Plevna at the North of 7 Restaurant is an excellent Rest Stop for Gas and bathroom break, Slow down through Plevna or you might miss it.
  • Northbrook Gas and Variety on HWY 41 before Kaladar. Kaladar at the intersection of HWYs 7 and 41.
  • Westport just before you leave the Village.  Smiths Falls just as you enter Town.


Food Stops:

Plevna at the North of 7 Market
On HWY 41 at  Lakeview Tavern
On HWY 41 before Kaladar at Addison’s in Northbrook