Today was the first and probably only SCREW WORK RIDE and/or LADIES ONLY RIDE we did this season, but it was well worth the wait. With the temperature hitting 16 degrees and no rain predicted, a few of us decided last minute that we’d better take advantage of it! The planning stages started off as a ‘Screw Work Ride’ but with many of the boys either working, going on their own ride, or had their bikes in the shop, we ladies quickly and unanimously kicked the testosterone to the curb and decided it was going to be a ‘Ladies Only Ride’. So with Shirley as our fearless leader and me acting as the vacuum, 5 ladies went for one of our last rides of the year.

Shirley, Anita, Lise and I met up at The Swan in Manotick at 10:30am then rode to McDonalds in Stittsville where we picked up Wendy. The first major decision was getting out of the parking lot. With 4 bikes facing one way and one facing the other, you’d think that the major would rule. Not so much. So after Shirley did her “I got my way” victory dance, we headed to Almonte.

To say it was a little breezy out is an understatement. My nasal cavities were cleaned out in no time, and I kept wondering why the car behind me had its windshield wipers on so much.  You have all been there, done that……….so don’t say ewwwwwwwww. You know exactly what I’m talking bout!

Lunch at The Barley Mow in Almonte was delish as always, and we had a lot of good laughs and conversation. From there, Shirley led the ride down Tatlock Road (one of my favorites) and we worked our way back home via Perth where we had the mandatory Timmies stop.

It was a GREAT day to ride and a Ladies Only Ride is something we should do more often. Watching people along the streets doing second takes and realizing that the riders are all women is rather amusing. Makes me kinda proud that I’m with such an amazing group of friends.