EOO HOG director’s welcome letter for 2108

My name is David R. and it is my pleasure to introduce myself as the Director of the Eastern Ontario Ottawa HOG Chapter (EOO). I joined EOO in 2011, the year I bought my first Harley-Davidson. I took on a role of Road Captain in 2014, safety officer in 2015, executive road captain in 2016, assistant director in 2017 and also the National Rally Coordinator. Becoming an owner of a Harley-Davidson and joining the Harley owners group has been a life changing experience for my wife and I. Never did I thought that owning a Harley and joining this group would have been so much fun. We met so many people and made so many new friends it’s almost unbelievable. Members of HOG are from all walks of life but we all have a few things in common. We have Harleys, we love to ride, we love to have fun and we are there for each other just like a big family that I am proud to be part of.

2017 was another banner year for our chapter been one of the chapters along with Freedom Harley-Davidson of Ottawa to host the Canadian National HOG Rally to celebrate 100 years of H-D in Canada. What better place to have the National Rally than right here in our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa. I can’t thank you enough, all you EOO members who rolled up your sleeves and were there to volunteer to ensure a memorable experience to all HOG members who came from far and wide to celebrate with us this impressive achievement. This Rally was a success because of you.

We finished the year with 190 members. What keeps our members coming back year after year can be attributed to a combination of things.

Firstly, our riding programs are second to none. Even though the summer of 2017 was the wettest summer on record with torrential rain almost every weekend, EOO HOG saw over 12,000kms in organized rides led by trained and experienced Road Captains. Our chapter rides offer great variety to cater to all levels of rider experience. Our routes are planned out to the last detail; all stops are predetermined and the lunch times (when applicable) are reserved for us, so all you have to do is show up and have a good time.

Secondly, are all the parties and get togethers we have during the year. We always have a Chapter Summer Party, an annual weekend BBQ ride to the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse and a Winter Party and dance. You will find the membership to be easy going and eager to welcome new riders.

Lastly, we have a close relationship with our sponsoring dealer; Freedom Harley Davidson and often are the recipients of dealer sponsored initiatives throughout the year. Our Chapter manager is Mario Mainville and is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have that cannot otherwise be answered.

2018 is an exciting year as it marks HOG ‘s 35 years And Harley-Davidson’s 115th so make sure to read your emails and newsletters for upcoming events. Our dinosaur weekend will be on the 6,7 and 8 of July. The following Friday will be the 13th in Port Dover. We can’t forget the regional rallies that will be posted soon. We will have lead rides to those destinations for sure and many more of course so mark your calendars and free up your weekends for the summer of 2018! I am very excited about the 2018 EOO year and welcome the opportunity to get out there on the road with my many brothers and sisters. ‘No boundaries, let’s ride!’. –DaveR, Chapter Director, 2018

–Dave R, Chapter Director, 2018