PA_09_2015Every now and then on our travels we find a place that really stands out. These locales have that special ambiance that say – slow down, stop and visit us… You’ll be happy you did. Intercourse PA is one of those special places.

Basically a crossroads in Amish country, Intercourse PA is located in Lancaster County. Formerly known as Cross Keys and named after a local tavern, the town officially changed it name to Intercourse in 1814. When the name change took place the word ‘intercourse’ was commonly used to describe fellowship and the social interaction and support shared in the community of faith. Another theory about the name is the 2 main roads that intersect in the town. The Old King’s Highway and the main road from Wilmington to EriePA_09_2015 intersect in the center of town. Regardless of the truth about the name change, it’s certainly good for tourism. All over town are shops, fruit and produce stands, establishments that offer buggy rides and craftsman that will build incredible furniture based on your design whims. One shop, E. Braun Farm Tables & Barnwood Furniture, offers reclaimed barnwood furniture that is exquisite in its rustic charm. Each piece is unique and yes, they build to suit. The food choices are varied and tempting. We tasted the peaches picked that morning from one stand and about called it a day. They were so good that when we circled back to take some home we learned that everyone else found them as good as we had: a small hand lettered sing stood on the empty cart stating ‘See you tomorrow’.

There is also a village within the village where tour busses bring travelers and shops are set up with specialty crafts from pottery to baking wares and supplies. As for biker friendly, the answer is a huge yes indeed. Most shops had something especially biker related including some great garden gnomes and a few Amish Choppers T-Shirts. Bikes were plentiful as we toured but we were amazed at a group of Eastern Ontario Ottawa H.O.G. chapter members that were enjoying a stop at a coffee shop. We stopped and chatted and they were on a nice long ride from Ottawa to take in the Gettysburg Battlefields and surrounding areas.
We couldn’t ask to meet a nicer group of riders. PA_09_2015
If you see Sue, Shaun, Shirley, Richard, Dave, Nathalie, James and Stan out and about you can tell them you saw them in Intercourse! The town itself is nestled in great riding country and, like our northern neighbors discovered, it is a nice afternoon ride from Lancaster, Gettysburg, York and a nice day ride from anywhere else in the state. There are plenty of places to stay and enough in town to make a nice weekend out of the trip. The town is home to amenities such as the The Spa at Intercourse Village, and several quilting shops. BicyclePA_09_2015 tours are also available. The crowd ranges from young to mature out enjoying the sights and food, to bikers enjoying getting a photo next to the town sign. It’s rich history includes Hollywood movies such as Witness and being the hometown of the
infamous and fictional Family Guy character Glen Quagmire. Next time you are out for a ride and want to enjoy some seriously great food, spend time with friendly people and maybe shop for some truly incredible hand crafted goods consider a run to Intercourse PA.

The photo next to the town sign will look great in any Man Cave

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