Approximately 380 km, 5 ½ hours ride time
Route Starts and Finishes at Freedom H-D Ottawa
All roads are paved, many are secondary.



The route follows back roads to Almonte, the 511, Calabogie Road and back roads
through Balaclava into Eganville.
The route home follows the 41, Matachewan and Centennial Lake roads to Calabogie Road.


Tricky spots and need to know:

Please keep your speed at the posted limit.  Use caution entering/crossing all Highways
Ferguson Lake Road – The RIGHT Turn off of Calabogie 508 onto Ferguson Lake Road is a hairpin-type turn.
SLOW DOWN and watch for this turn, it is about 9 km after you get on the 508 Calabogie.
The Signs Read Ferguson Lake Road and Mount Saint Patrick.
LEFT turn off Matachewan 71 onto Centennial Lake 65. This turn is approx 9km down Matachewan 71. Slow down and watch for this turn.


Gas Stops

Almonte just after the traffic circle.  
Downtown Eganville few minutes from the Granary.
Short distance down 41 as you leave Eganville.
In the village of Griffith at the Pine Valley Restaurant (does not carry Premium)
The Antrim Truck Stop on White lake Road.


Food Stops

Calabogie: (the village, not the resort) Shooters Bar and grill Redneck Bistro;
Eganville: There are a number of places to eat in downtown Eganville.
This route pinpoints The Granary, because we really like it, but the choice is yours once you reach town.
Griffith: The Pine Valley Restaurant. Service tends to be slow here, so plan to sit for a bit.
The Antrim Truck Stop on White Lake Road.


Alternate Route Home – take the 417 from White Lake Road back into the City.