Welcome to the home of Eastern Ontario Ottawa Chapter (EOOC), Harley Owners Group ® (H.O.G.). Established in 1986, EOOC is one of oldest Chapter in Ontario, rich in history and filled with Harley enthusiasts of all ages who like to ride and have fun. Feel free to browse our site, meet our executive committee, view our photos and the many events our Chapter supports.

From Saturday morning rides, Sunday breakfasts, free activities for members, signature events, to a New Year party with a flavour of its own, Eastern Ontario Ottawa Chapter has events for everyone.


2016-12-01 13:03:21 shawn

Membership Drive

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2016-11-30 07:28:55 shawn
It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Harley-Davidson Canada and its new Managing Director, Anoop Prakash. Rob Harris spoke with him earlier this year and he had big plans back then for the newly-restructured company. Prakash, now 43 years old and from Minnesota, is a former U.S. marine who holds a BA from Stanford University in Economics and Public Policy, and an MBA from Harvard. He worked for various private companies before taking on a couple of senior government positions under the George W. Bush administration. You can read his official Bloomberg biography here. He’d never ridden a motorcycle before joining Harley-Davidson in 2009 to lead its market entry into India. Canada Moto Guide editor Mark Richardson went for a ride recently with Prakash on the Motor Corps’ new Milwaukee Eight bikes, and sat down for a chat to catch up. We’ll publish the story of the ride in December, but for today, here’s what Prakash had to tell us about himself, Harley as a company, and the future of the brand in Canada. CMG: The story goes that no kid wants to ride his dad’s bike. Do you agree? PRAKASH: I don’t think that’s held true for Harley. It’s also said that we all turn into our parents eventually. I’ve met many multi-generational Harley-riding families. I think there’s always a tendency to explore and try some new things, but we know our brand goes deeper than that. Fifteen years ago, Harley said we need younger, sportier riders and brought in the V-Rod. It didn’t work. What happened? The V-Rod has definitely been an opportunity for some riders to transition into the brand. I think it’s been successful. Do you ride all the other motorcycles from other makers, too? Other brands? No. I’ve ridden a couple, but not really out of choice. Surely you’ve got to know your enemy? I don’t consider them my enemy. We’re delivering something very different, and it’s a full ownership experience. My approach is we want to tell you everything that’s great about Harley-Davidson and let you choose for yourself. We may not be everything for everyone, but we want to be our thing for everyone who wants to be part of it. How do you reconcile Harley’s traditional “dirty biker” demographic with the new demographic of riders that you’re seeking? There’s this TV version of what Harley-Davidson represents, but honestly, Harley-Davidson is the most inclusive brand, even outside the industry. We have riders of every demographic, every age, every ethnic background, all riding with like-minded people, and the inclusion is a key part of our brand. We offer a lineup that supports all of them, and services that support all of them.
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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

2016-04-27 07:02:03 shawn

Welcome to Spring and another Riding Season. We welcome back friends who spent some time in Sunny Southern States and who traveled to some incredible places abroad. You know who you are.  

And a special Welcome to all of our new Members in 2016.


Kathy G. Membership Officer

The Chapter has grown at an incredible rate these past two seasons.  From 88 member in 2014, to 98 members in 2015 and now, in 2016 we are already 106 members!  Amazing when you realize it’s not quite May. For that I say Thank you to each and every one who has referred a friend or a family member to the Chapter. Without your belief in the Chapter, we would not be celebrating this success. Your referrals represent your excitement about sharing your experiences with those in your circle who are also passionate about riding.

There is no greater compliment than a referral so as always, if you know of anyone who is considering joining H.O.G.® or is a H.O.G.® member looking for a Chapter, I am more than happy to be of assistance.  Anyone can connect with me through the Chapter’s FaceBook Page or on this Web Site through our Webmaster Shawn D.

Guests are welcome on our Rides and at our General Meetings, it’s a great way to connect and meet fellow Harley riders; because riding is the one thing we all have in common.  No matter where we’re from, what we do for a living, or what generation we grew up in, we all ride.  There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met.

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2016-04-01 08:40:25 shawn

March 31, 2016,30thFlag almost 60 members and friends showed up at Freedom Harley Davidson to celebrate our Chapter’s 30th Anniversary. We managed to eat two large birthday cakes (sorry folks, but James didn’t bake) and posed for a group photo to mark the occasion. This photo will go into our Chapter archives to be viewed hopefully by organizers of our 60th Anniversary. Members were awarded their Anniversary Chapter Patches by Katherine Gillis our Membership Officer. Anyone who didn’t get theirs can pick them up at our April Gathering.Cake

It was great to see members from Freedom Chapter who came out to help us mark the occasion, thanks guys and gals. Special thanks to Freedom Harley Davidson of Ottawa for sponsoring our Chapter and for the surprise door prizes and gifts. Your continued support has contributed to our success and has not gone un-noticed.



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