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From Saturday morning rides, Sunday breakfasts, free activities for members, signature events, to a New Year party with a flavour of its own, Eastern Ontario Ottawa Chapter has events for everyone.

Freedom Harley-Davidson Of Ottawa

2016-07-11 13:12:43 shawn

Better than CAA – Freedom H-D of Ottawa heard of our dilemma and jumped into action and got us back on the road again – Amazing dealership, they took care of a client and chapter member on their day off – huge appreciation goes out to Tony, Pat, and Mario – they were rock stars today!



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Harley-Davidson opens downtown biker-themed café

2016-06-22 06:59:32 shawn

1903 showcases both new and vintage motorcycles from the historic bike maker

sr190317jpg.aqjc.size.custom.crop.1086x724sr190302jpg.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x726Ever had the urge to ride the open road with the wind in your face … and a latte?

Harley-Davidson Canada is putting the hog back in Hogtown with the launch Friday of its ‘1903’ café and retro biker lounge on Ossington Ave. north of Queen St. W.

With vintage decor inspired by the brand’s 114-year history, the café is named for the year the high-profile motorcycle brand was founded in Milwaukee by two guys — William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson — who loved to build motorbikes in Harley’s backyard shed.

Part coffee bar and part showcase of new and vintage bikes, it’s the company’s first presence in downtown Toronto in five years — but it’s not a dealership as it was back then.

The 4,200-square-foot tribute to all things Harley-Davidson is intended to appeal to both experienced riders and potential city customers interested in the scene while sipping drinks from Fahrenheit Coffee, says Anoop Prakash, managing director of Harley-Davidson Canada.

“We feel there is a resurgence of urban riding culture,” says Prakash, whose new job involves building brand awareness across Canada, particularly in urban centres.

“It’s about creating the lifestyle, the culture and the community,” he says.

While Harley-Davidsons have been sold in Canada for 99 years, he notes there’s been a steady increase in sales in downtown Toronto over the last year due partly to noticeable interest from millennials.

“They see it as recreational but also functional because they have much better mobility in traffic here,” he notes.

Canada saw a 16.3 per cent year-over-year sales increase in the first quarter of 2016, capping off eight consecutive months of growth. Though some consider motorcycles a rather expensive toy, the cheapest Harley sells for $7,999 here, while eight models retail for under $13,000.

“We have a mature ridership and a new generation coming in and wanting to pursue new things and express themselves and experience that freedom,” says Prakash, 42.

The Harvard and Stanford-educated executive only learned how to ride a motorcycle when he joined the company seven years ago and took on the job of “starting from scratch” to build the brand in India. He established a dealer network across the country and oversaw the building of the company’s plant in Bawal.

Harley-Davidson Inc. took over direct distributorship of its motorcycles in Canada by creating a new subsidiary called Harley-Davidson Canada in Vaughan last August, with Prakash coming aboard after six years in India.

Before 2008, Canada was the historic bike maker’s biggest market outside the U.S., but since then Germany and Japan have surpassed it.

Folks who have never experienced the thrill and rumble of riding a Harley and are too timid to take one out for a test drive can now do so at the café by trying out the ‘JumpStart’ ride simulator, which allows patrons to sit on a bike and start it up while remaining stationary.

There’s also a motorcycle workshop area called The Shed, where the company hosts clinics, or “wrenching events,” and shop talks for enthusiasts.

Opening a café geared to the biker crowd is also a nod to the old café racer culture of the 1960s.

In biker lingo, a café racer is a stripped-down motorcycle customized in the style of the British street-racing bikes of the 1960s and 1970s, which were modified to race between cafes and other spots.

The most famous café back then was the Ace Café in London. According to about.com, motorcycle riders would race from the Ace after selecting a certain record on the jukebox, returning before the record had finished.

Harley-Davidson also has a spot in military history, having supplied half of all the motorcycles it produced during the First World War to the U.S. military, while all its production during the Second World War was dedicated to the war effort.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel are sold in 69 independent dealerships across Canada.

To coincide with its 100th year in Canada, the company plans further expansion in early 2017, with new dealerships in Oakville to service the GTA along with Vancouver and Montreal.

The café at this point is open for the riding season until the end of September but could stay on if enough interest builds, the company says.



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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

2016-04-27 07:02:03 shawn

Welcome to Spring and another Riding Season. We welcome back friends who spent some time in Sunny Southern States and who traveled to some incredible places abroad. You know who you are.  

And a special Welcome to all of our new Members in 2016.


Kathy G. Membership Officer

The Chapter has grown at an incredible rate these past two seasons.  From 88 member in 2014, to 98 members in 2015 and now, in 2016 we are already 106 members!  Amazing when you realize it’s not quite May. For that I say Thank you to each and every one who has referred a friend or a family member to the Chapter. Without your belief in the Chapter, we would not be celebrating this success. Your referrals represent your excitement about sharing your experiences with those in your circle who are also passionate about riding.

There is no greater compliment than a referral so as always, if you know of anyone who is considering joining H.O.G.® or is a H.O.G.® member looking for a Chapter, I am more than happy to be of assistance.  Anyone can connect with me through the Chapter’s FaceBook Page or on this Web Site through our Webmaster Shawn D.

Guests are welcome on our Rides and at our General Meetings, it’s a great way to connect and meet fellow Harley riders; because riding is the one thing we all have in common.  No matter where we’re from, what we do for a living, or what generation we grew up in, we all ride.  There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met.

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2016-04-01 08:40:25 shawn

March 31, 2016,30thFlag almost 60 members and friends showed up at Freedom Harley Davidson to celebrate our Chapter’s 30th Anniversary. We managed to eat two large birthday cakes (sorry folks, but James didn’t bake) and posed for a group photo to mark the occasion. This photo will go into our Chapter archives to be viewed hopefully by organizers of our 60th Anniversary. Members were awarded their Anniversary Chapter Patches by Katherine Gillis our Membership Officer. Anyone who didn’t get theirs can pick them up at our April Gathering.Cake

It was great to see members from Freedom Chapter who came out to help us mark the occasion, thanks guys and gals. Special thanks to Freedom Harley Davidson of Ottawa for sponsoring our Chapter and for the surprise door prizes and gifts. Your continued support has contributed to our success and has not gone un-noticed.



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